Tuesday, 13 December 2011

When I Met Purp & a Few Stuff on Marriage

So ok, a lot of people have been asking me to share stories of how Ian and I met. And I guess I should share since after all, my blog title is "jessica got married". Hahah unique right? I really tried to think of better names suited for fashion blogs but I don't want my blog name to sound so common, or cheesy, or too trying to be fashion-y. Hahah as if my blog name is not cheesy. Oh well, at least it's unique, and I'll have an excuse to write about more stuff- other than my fashion obsessions. Lol.

Now I'm pretty sure that quite a lot already know that before getting married, Ian (will tell you next time why I call him Purp.Lol) and I were together for around 10 years. Heheh yup. Not exaggerating. So how did we really first meet? The love story all started at Nymrose's debut/ 18th bday celeb at Max's resto at San Pablo, Laguna.
 Purp is the only guy with suit, on the left of Nym...
and I'm the girl in the dark blue gown, hair tied in a half pony tail 
(very thin eyebrows was the trend back then. Lol =)

Photo credits to Nym & Jess Mallilin

Nym is a dear old friend of mine way back from UPLB (Univ. of the Philippines Los Banos) where Nym and I were BS Nutrition students at that time. Anyway, she and I were almost always classmates which is why we get to hang around together much with our other friends, and we eventually got close. So during her debut I was part of her candles, while Ian (her cousin from Mapua) was Nym's escort. It's really funny how days before that she kept telling me about her escort, and I was like wondering why she got a cousin of hers for an escort. Anyway, since I was definitely NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) at that time, I kept joking that she should introduce me to her cousin, blah blah. I so remember how he asked for my hand (handshake, eh!) and held and shook it for a really long time. Yihee ..But that he never asked to dance with me that time (he later said he's uber shy. hmp).

Oh, he's also been telling me that he has a foot fetish and that when he saw my bare feet on the dance floor he thought my feet were/ are super cute. Hahah yes, so funny! My friends (Jess, Jackie, Liezel) and I danced barefoot for quite some time to be more comfy. Lol. And no, I always think that my feet are the ugliest. But hmmm, he's always so sweet and he calls my feet "pulut" -since I always get these cramps, and I once shouted "pinupulutpukyutan ako!" when I had cramps, later realizing that it should be "pinupulikat" and that pulutpukyutan refers to honey. Hahah sorry naman. *wink*

So it's really super cute how 7 days after Nym's birthday, Ian and I became a couple. Yes you're right, it was only after 7 days of pure texts and calls (blame me not! getting a bf/gf thru text was definitely so in that time, plus I really thought he was cute, and plus I think that it was definitely time already for me to have a real BF. I was 17 already then. Hahah. Why not right.

Ok, ok, our love story is quite unique right. Like magical. 7 days of courting thru text, and then 10years of being BF-GF, and now we're finally married! Yehey! So hmmm? What are my realizations now about married life- so far, after being 3 months married (definitely we're still newly weds but what am I doing here with these realizations?Lol)? But well, here goes my list:
  1. Being married is like being BF-GF but on a much higher level. I super appreciate and enjoy seeing his cute face first thing in the morning, and seeing that lovely face before I sleep at night. We still always joke around with each other/ play/ tease each other/ debate with each other on loads of stuff. We both still dress up for each other, and we still have these fancy dates. But we also appreciate just chilling at home together, doing nothing but TV/movie marathon/ our own home-made pizza on weekends, etc.Oh now we're playing NBA. =)  
  2. Taking care of each other is really important. I have always thought of myself as the nurturing type. Like even when we were still BF-GF, I check up on him every night to ask if he ate well during the day- if he had fruits/veggies (hahah so I'm a nutritionist and I practice what I preach), if he was not too tired from work, etc. Well now I leveled up! I'm not just asking him these things, I make sure that I prepare really healthy meals for him too. Hahah no worries if I would need to wake up at 4:30am to fix his breakfast. I also enjoy giving him my professional massage esp. when he really needs it. Yiheee..And he so much takes care of me too- including doing the dish chores esp. when I'm lazy- which happens not so rarely. Lol. Oh and he hangs our clothes too and fixes my closet. Hahah I'm so lazy at that. 
  3. Supporting each other's ambitions is the best. I don't really understand why some people get to list a lot of stuff they would like to accomplish first for themselves before they get married. Because really, I truly believe that getting married is no excuse to not being able to spread your wings and fly anymore. Or maybe I'm just so blessed to have a super supportive husband. I'm the type of person who's so much fond of trying and learning new things, and Ian is always just there to give his full support. As in he's my no. 1 fan in everything! Really, it's just super nice how we still both continue to dream, and push each other to achieving what we want. Like next year (Feb or March) we're definitely putting up our own fashion boutique! Yehey my life-long dream! My online store Korean Rose is really booming which makes it more reasonable to maybe do this fashion biz thing full-time. =) And me? Well of course, I'm his cheerleader in every way. Hahah. I never want to see him down, or sad.. and pushing and helping him to reach for his dreams is what I'll forever do also. =)
Why not right?Hmmmm I wonder what realizations I'll make months/years after today. Lol.

Well, yehey! Life is good. Colorful. So Happy. =)

Persia Grill - I love fooling around with him. Lol 

Cafe Breton - he always makes me laugh ^_^

  Bohol Beach Club- one of our fave spots. We just love traveling. Can't wait for our HK trip! =)

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