Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Who & What made me Inspired

Hmmmm i have always wanted to blog. Blog about fashion. Blog about life. Blog about everything under the sun. Oh, but maybe more about fashion since that's really my greatest love. Or my greatest interest I should say. My greatest love of all is my husband. Duh. Of course =)

Well so here goes nothing. First let me talk about my inspirations for doing this (in no particular Here's the list:

1) Laureen Uy, Camille Co. They have the best fashion blogs. But oh yes, most recently I'm enjoying the blog of Daryl Chang. She's so cool and fab. Actually they all are. All stylish femmes in their own unique ways. Who's my fave? Well maybe it could be Camille. I think I dress more like her- wearing lots of girly, colorful, soft stuff. But I always try to mix this girly stuff with edgy. I got influenced by my sis, who by the way is my 2nd inspiration.

2) Janica Rose Barrera- my dear little sis. She's younger by 11 years, although really I don't look older at all. Hahah you know I love you sis. But oh well, this girl as I have said have that fierce edgy look. She's more of the emo type/rocker chic/animal print girl (oh but I'm a fan of animal prints toooo!) Well, she blogs quite admirably. Like I have kept telling her she could go pro. Though really, she's admitting already that I'm the first to introduce her to fashion! Yey, I'm so flattered for that. It's really quite interesting how our tastes meet- girly (like lacey, floral, colorful, prints) and fierce/edgy combined. Really, if anyone can wear leather in this hot weather in the Philippines, the first would be my sister. And yes, she has a secret- something that would surely prove her tough girlness. But you have to share a room with her and see her dressing up to know. LOL. love love sis.

3) Fashion shows and ETC- these are my super loves! Like I have cried/ was so deeply touched when I first witnessed a real live fashion runway during Phil. Fashion Week. I think we've been attending years back, thanks to Amway heheh for all the invites. Anyway, as in I studied basic sewing/designing at Fashion Institute of the Phil, and bought myself my own mannequin and sewing machine. Hahah. Patience is not much of a virtue for me though, since after a few months, I stopped sewing/designing, and started importing clothing instead- which I do sell online at Korean Rose. Anyway, all the ETC shows- Gossip girl, ANTM, Project runway, etc. have made me really fall in love with beautiful clothes, and art, and beautiful people too. Heheh.

 I really prefer Blair's character but I'm always loving Serena's wardrobe

4) Frankitot- my very supportive husband. My no. 1 fan. As in he's always in full support of all my kaartehans. As in he swears to take me to fashion shows and events, and shops with me for countless hours. He is the best. He's now into fashion and considers himself quite knowledgeable on it already (so funny of him! hahaha, esp. when he goes on naming fashion designers! ang feeling!). He says too that he'll passionately take loads of my outfit shots, anytime (Ok I exaggerated on the passionately part). Hahah but why not right.

credits to Ms. Japan, Missa Torres for the wonderful pre-nup pics =)

5) Art- I know I'm an artist. I really am so don't argue with me. LOL. Hmmm you should have seen me loving and trying to copy my mom's sketches of pretty girls with pretty outfits eversince I can remember. I do love to sketch and color. Heheh. Gosh how I do love these things. If there's anyone who could be "best in drawing/ coloring/ sketching girls and clothes" back in grade school I would have gotten that award. And yes, I have enrolled for beaded jewelry making at Em Mariano years ago also. Hahah I made my own jewelries and sold them as well. So hmmm.. my latest obsession? Something art-related too: make up. I studied make-up at Make Up Design Academy also. Really, what will I enroll next? Bag-making? Shoe-designing? Why not. Though really, clothes are the way for me.

As in if I had all the time and money in the world, what would I be doing? I would study fashion design (the full course at Italy/Paris or New York), and then I'll be starting my own line at maybe the fashion avenues of Beverly Hills. Hmmmm wish a wish a wish a wish. wish wish.....Why not right? Or, at least I can just go back to Fashion school here in the Phil., and really take it seriously this time. Patience and inspirations please be always with me. Heheh.

So I guess this is quite long for my first blog. What do you think? Till my next. =)

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